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  • Emergency

  • As pet owners ourselves, we know how overwhelming concern and worry for your pet can be in an emergency situation such as an illness or an injury. However, it's important to remain calm and not to panic.

    Although some other problems aren't life threatening, they may be causing your pet pain and should be taken care of without delay. Some pets seek company when suffering, while others will withdraw or even hide.

    When in doubt, it's always a good idea to err on the side of caution. It's much better to have a veterinarian check out what may end up being minor medical problem than to underestimate a major one. Call your veterinary clinic or hospital immediately if you suspect a health problem with your pet.


    • Don't panic. Remember, your pet's well-being depends on you being able to act in a quick but calm fashion.
    • Don't attempt any home remedies. Many times, home remedies, even well-intentioned ones, end up complicating or masking the original problem, or even causing new ones.
    • Call your veterinarian or emergency clinic immediately and discuss your pet's case with the staff on duty.
    • Copy directions to the clinic carefully.
    • Handle your pet with care. An animal in pain may bite. Muzzling with a piece of nylon or a strip of cloth may be necessary for your own safety.
    • Control any bleeding by applying direct pressure to the wound.
    • Transport your pet carefully. If you suspect a broken bone or a back injury, use a blanket over a piece of plywood as a makeshift stretcher.
  • In case of emergency outside of our clinic hours

    Veterinary Specialists of Birmingham

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